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My name is Tifa, short for my name and not because of a video game. I am a singer and writer of short tales. Oh and I am a total dork; can't forget to mention that either.

Not very good at 'talking' about what I like and am interested in. But I will say that I'm crazy about Tim Drake and Batman. Big into anime and fantasy books as well.

Think this should work for a short introduction. Ask me questions if you wish to learn more.

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This took way too long to make…

This made me so happy~!

DCU - Punishment


Title: Punishment
Fandom: DCU - Pre-Reboot. 
Pairing: GEN. 
Warning: My attempt to fix something that went downhill? 

Author’s Notes: I read infectedscrew’s fic (you can read it here) about Dick promising Tim a birthday party and then forgetting about it. And it broke my heart so bad that I wanted to fix it somehow, I really thought that while Dick might have forgotten Tim’s birthday, someone else would remember and this is what came to mind… however I think it turned out angstier than I wanted to but at the same time I don’t think I should fix it?

Well, I suck like that but it’s kind of a trigger of mine, having your birthday forgotten…

Sorry Miss Screw ;__; please don’t kill me. 

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I liked this so much. It’s a nice change from the trend of Tim being forgotten or not loved.

Again loved it.

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i will continue to reblog this until it gets the notes it deserves because elephants

If your heart isn’t melting it’s because you don’t have one.



What’s this that Tim was never Robin??!! Fuck that shit. I was trying to like this weird ass reboot that DC has done, but now I just hate it to death.

Until I hear otherwise I’m not going to read any more of the reboot. DC comic is full of fail right now and not even the funny kind.

I grew up with Tim being Robin, he’s my favorite. Also he’s lost a lot of what made him Tim and what made up the Bat family.

And weren’t we told that only some things about his backstory had changed?! This just makes them liars.

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Kuroko no Basuke comic [Aomine and Kuroko as brothers]

This is part 3. Read part 1 | part 2

Download link for all parts + easier 100% view reading [Much recommended]

Translator: mocopersonal | Editor: nai | Artist: 椿@ショタ黒を広め隊

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Permalink Shocked me first, then made me laugh like crazy. Great scene.
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Kazekage by *Roggles